Covid19 Construction Resources and Links

Construction / Engineering

Sketchup as a CAD alternative that works on chromebooks.

Learn how to sketch (and some vocabulary)

Power Tool Institute – free videos

The Ruler Game

OSHA 10 certification Career Safe

Procore student certification online (free resource for bidding, estimating, etc.)

ACTE professional development and online learning:

iCEV multimedia (Good, canned, construction curriculum)

CTE online (California’s online lessons, rather humorous since there is only one back scratcher project and one concrete lesson) =-)


The site below is a list of education companies offering fee subscriptions due to school closures. Sites with Free Subscriptions

Virtual Field Trips

Cengage has a free access during our pandemic:

Apex learning is offering school closure support with online tools

CIS – Career Exploration (If you have a district subscription)

The following linkTexts contain specific courses available for online instruction: National Geographic Learning| Cengage Website

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